Agnes Hopkins Centre – Events and Activities

The Agnes Hopkins Centre is situated on Clarendon Road (opposite to Aldi). Many of our older residents will know it as a place to meet but it offers a surprising range of activities for both young and old from Craft classes to Tai-Chi, Pilates and Meditation!

For the older residents who don’t know about this centre; its a great place to meet new friends and offers, amongst other things, a number of coach excursions to various places during the year.

The Events and Activities sheet is available here as a PDF

Why not drop in?


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  1. Do you have a kurling club actities at agnes hopkins centre if so is the membership open to new members

    • Hi Linda, I don’t think that there are kurling club activities offered at Agnes Hopkins. However, it has been a little while since the information on our site has been updated. I will check and reply via this website.

      • Hi Linda,

        No, there aren’t any kurling activities at Agnes Hopkins I checked recently.

        You might check the snooker and pool hall under Swinton Precinct. They have bowling there so they might do the Kurling too.

  2. Hi Linda,

    After checking again with the centre it does hold curling activities (see the recent post on our webpage for updated activities)

  3. There is a kurling group there every Thursday afternoon 1pm til about 2:30

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